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The UFT and the NSE & YME (millennium) problems

The proposed Krein space based UFT model enables Mie's concept of an electric pressure. A Hilbert-Krein scale based Mie theory accompanied by an electric pressure concept makes the Yang-Mills equations obsolete.

The proposed UFT model enables an alternative "fluid pressure" model in the Navier-Stokes equations as an intrinsic part of the fluid motion model. It replaces the today's two unknown functions (u,p) concept;  the function "u" is the model of the speed of fluid particles, and the function "p" is the model of the pressure "p" of the fluid motion along the boundary; the latter one is modelled by a related Neumann equations. It is required to model missing "frictional (boundary) forces" of the NSE, accompanied by the D'Alembert "paradox" of ideal fluids. In fact, the D'Alembert "paradox" is not a paradox; it is about unrealistic physical fluid motion assumptions; for example, in an ideal (air) fluid particles environment no aircraft is able to fly.

The 3D-NSE (millennium) problem is about missing appropriate bounded energy norm estimates of the 3D-NSE-initial-boundary value problem. The proposed UFT deals with the kinematical energy space H(1/2). Based on this physical assumption the corresponding energy norm estimates for the variational representation of the 3D-NSE equations are bounded, i.e. a unique solution of the 3D-NSE is ensured, provided that the regularity of the initial value function are in sync with the extended energy norm.


Braun K., Global existence and uniqueness of 3D Navier-Stokes equations

                                                   June 2016


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