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A.Einstein, "For us believing in physicists, the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion".

H. Weyl, "We are not surprised that a concrete chunk of nature, takenin its isolated phenomenal existence, challenges our analysis by its inexhaustibility and incompleteness; it is for the sake of completeness, as wehave seen, that physics projects what is given onto the background of the possible", (WeH) p. 220.

The phenomenological physical world

About 95% of the universe is about the phenomenon „vacuum“. The same proportion applies to the emptyness between a proton and an electron. The remaining 5% of universe’s vacuum consists roughly of 5% matter, of 25% dark matter, and of 70% dark energy. Nearly all (about 99%) of the 5% matter in the universe is in"plasma state". The presumed existence of „dark matter“ provides the baseline for a physical model of the galaxies‘ spiral shapes phenomenon. The presumed existence of „dark energy“ provides the baseline for a physical model of the cosmic microwave background phenomenon (CMP).

The dominance of the vacuum (in the macro case, as well as in the micro case) in opposite to the small amount of matter is addressed by an appropriate Hilbert space based definition of an „ether/ground state energy“ space, which is „orthogonal“ to a „kinematical energy“ space.

A "kinematical energy" Hilbert space based two-type plasma particle model enables a corresponding MHD based two-type-plasma particles field interaction model governed by three kinds of balance laws: 

1.    conservation of mass  
2.    balance of angular momentum
3.    balance of linear momentum.

The phenomenon of spiral shapes (in the macro case, in our "human being" case, (BaA), (HaG), and, as well as in the micro case) is governed by a balance law of angular momentum.

The phenomenon of the cosmic microwave background radiation is governed by a balance law of linear momentum.

The main changes dressing the emperor

The two main changes to the today's inconsistent quantum field theory and the General Relativity Theory are:

Change 1

the role model of all current types of „elementary particles“ is Dirac's electron. Its conceptual modelling issue is about the fact, that an electron is an „a priori“ existing object independently from Dirac's related radiation theory,(*). This issue is passed on to today's zoo of "elementary particles", which is "required" for just 0,05% of the overall mathematical-physical modelling world.  Basically, the proposed change is About a replacement of the distributional Hilbert space H(-n/2-e), e>0, hosting the Dirac (Delta-) "function", by the (quantum element) Hilbert space H(-1/2). Its related dual (quantum energy) Hilbert space H(1/2) is composed by the standard kinematical Hilbert space H(1) (defined by the Dirichlet integral inner product) and a corresponding orthogonal (ground state energy) sub-space of H(1/2), (**).

Change 2

the space-time model of the GRT is a 3+1 dimensional Riemann manifold equipped with the Einstein metric, (***). Its conceptual modelling issue is about the fact, that the (M,g) structure has no geometric structure at all. It is a purely metric space. The proposed change is basically to replace this purely metric space by appropriate Hilbert scales equipped with corresponding inner products. For the kinematical Hilbert space H(1) this results into a replacement of the metric space (M,g) by a modified Minkowski space, which is newly governed by the complex Lorentz transform, (****), and where the field of complex numbers is replaced by the field of quarternions, (*****).

(FeE): „Dirac‘s theory of radiation is based on a very simple idea; instead of considering an atom and the radiation field with which it interacts as two distinct systems, he treats them as a single system whose energy is the sum of three terms: one representing the energy of the atom, a second representating the electromagnetic energy of the radiation field, and a small term representing the coupling energy of the atom and the radiation field.“

We note that there is purely electricity field theory based on manifolds is given by the Mie-Theory, (HeW1).

(BoD): Bohm’s conception of explicate and implicate orders is based on an „undivided wholeness of modes of observation, instrumentation and theoretical understanding“ considering the difference between a lens and a hologram (a kind of mathematical lens), (BoD).

The "alignment" tool between the 3+1 dimensional manifold M based field equations and the related Minkowski space based field equations is provided by the comparison theorem building on the following conceptual elements: "electric-magnetic decomposition", "null-decomposition of a Weyl field", "null-structure equations of space-time", "exterior and interior optical functions", "rotation vector fields", (ChD).

(ArF): „The complex Lorentz transform is the main tool to prove the CPT (Charge-Parity-Time) theorem.  The PT transformations are (physical) geometric transformations, while the C transformation is not. The CPT theorem becomes a purely geometric PT theorem if one restricts to classical tensor theory, quantum tensor theory and quantum spinor theory. The fact that there is a purely geometric PT theorem for quantum field theories suggests that space-time has neither a temporal orientation nor a spatial handedness“. Put simple, there is no modelling need for a "big bang" "event" in a spatial environment. From a philosophical-physical perspective this puts the spot on the phenomenology of a (subjective) internal time-consciousness and an underlying concept of an "event" as proposed by E. Husserl, a studied mathematician, (HuE).

The replacement of the field of complex numbers by the field of quarternions is accompanied by corresponding alignments of affected physical PDE models, e.g. (ArA), (UnA).

It also puts the spot on the proposed Kummer function based zeta-function theory:

the theory of algebraic integrals containing the square root of functions of 1st or 2nd order are built on trigonometric functions and the irrelated circle functions. The theory of algebraic integrals containing the square root of functions of 3rd or 4th order (e.g. the Fagnano-integral to calculate the value of Gamma(1/4)) are built on elliptic functions and their related elliptic integrals. The conceptual new property, which is unique in the whole area of elementary functions, is the double-periodicity of the elliptic functions. This property, in combination with the change from the set of zeros of the trigonometric functions to the set of the +/- zeros of the Kummer function (accompanied by a change from harmonic Fourier series to non-harmonic Fourier series, cohomology groups interpreted as homology groups of negative order, (NeJ), and the H(1/2) space as first cohomology, (NaS)), puts the spot on the concept of the n-Kummer-Galois extension of the field containing a primitive nth root of unity and the Kummer’s prime number irregularity theorem in the context of cyclotomic fields, zeta-function values and the Kummer pairing.

The link to the Hilbert space based proposed UFT is given by quaternionic inner product spaces V, accompanied by a non-degenerated indefinite inner product on V/V(0), where V(0) denotes the isotropic part of V, (AlD).

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